Young writer book signing

CAM01521Amazing events may set the course for young readers and learners. Our Olivia aka Big O was oozing with excitement when her teacher returned her first ever story by Olivia. That her Oma aka Sandra L. Russell was visiting for the story reading hyped our celebration. Olivia and I had recently co-authored a book, How the Big Geen Pickle Rolled Away. Wow, my grand daughter has two writing accomplishments and she is seven. Parents, Grandparents…Be ever vigilant. That budding writer may grow into a published author. Check out her pickle book. She developed the story line. Oma guided her through the five writing steps, the process, and Opa did the illustrations. Yes, it was a fun family affair. Those glasses she’s wearing are mine. Think little eyes are watching and copying her Oma? Her book signing was a success. Check out her pickle book and order it for a young reader. (Yummy recipe for 3 day pickles and fried pickles!)