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  • Young writer book signing

    Amazing events may set the course for young readers and learners. Our Olivia aka Big O was oozing with excitement when her teacher returned her first ever story by Olivia. That her Oma aka Sandra L. … Continue Reading

    Young writer book signing
  • Books for Children

    What wonderment to allow the mind to go out of the boundaries of reality.  The Day the Gummies Wrecked is a delightful yummy story about the wee Hairbo Gummie Bears.  It’s a fantasy with cultural … Continue Reading

    Books for Children
  • Books For Adults

    Have you experience a death of a loved one and have the need to recall every little detail about that loss loved one, try 58 Gardens, a tribute to my mom, an Appalachian spiritual saint who had wisdom … Continue Reading

    Books For Adults
  • Where Do Writers Find Their Ideas?

    Readers who are poking around this site and getting acquainted with the abcsoffarkle, I’m going to reverse that question to those of you who now toy with wanting to write or have the need to write.  … Continue Reading

    Where Do Writers Find Their Ideas?